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So Not an Artist! April 4, 2013

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I have never considered myself an artist; I mean, I can draw a few simple objects to get a point across, but certainly not something as detailed as a face.  My assignment this week for Learning & Cognition class was to search the internet for a picture of a stranger, study it for one minute, hide the picture but create an image of it in my head, then sketch it and reflect upon the activity.  I asked my husband to find a picture for me, and here’s what he found.


When I studied it, I focused on features such as the shortly cut hair, dark brown eyes, the unsymmetrical nose and lips, and the white t-shirt.  Once I turned the screen off, I was able to hold the picture in my mind fairly easily, but when I started sketching it out, my poor skills totally morphed what I saw in my head, and then the imagery in my head decayed.  I remembered how he seemed to be sitting forward, and I simply cannot portray that in a picture.  What I drew first was the hair and eyes because those stuck out to me the most.  I cannot draw noses or lips correctly, but I attempted the crookedness of them.  The ears are totally out of proportion, and I forgot the goatie altogether.


 It was so easy to find a picture of a perfect stranger on the internet; ask me to do this 20 years ago, and I would have reached for the newspaper or a magazine.  Now I can search for almost anything and find a plethora of visuals to stimulate my students’ brains.  I use a lot of visuals in my teaching – there are just some things that are shown better in pictures and videos than just explained, such as phototropism in plants or how waves weather and erode cliffs – I am so glad to have technology to “see the world.”


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