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Children of the Digital Age May 2, 2013

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My youngest child (we’ll call her Little E) received an iPad for her 5th birthday almost a year ago.  Sure, it may seem a bit extravagant to you, but she is a child of the Digital Age.  She knew how to type her name before she could write it.  Both of my children will never know a world without computers, iPhones, iPads, XBOXs, etc.  Our family embraces technology because we use it for work and school, but more importantly because chances are our children will have a job someday in a technology-based field.  Little E’s Kindergarten class has been getting ready for Cinco de Mayo, and she has been telling me all about the dances and pretty dresses – pretty normal for a little girl.  Over dinner last night, she began asking me how to say some things in Spanish because her class is learning a few words.  I answered what I could, but what I could not, she said she would just ask her iPad later.  Clever girl!  When she finished dinner, she ran off to her room to play.  After I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to my room to grade some papers, she brought me a piece of paper (pictured below).  She said she asked her iPad how to say “I love you” in Chinese and copied the characters to give to me.  I was so touched, I cried with joy.  But then it dawned on me how powerful technology really is.  I would not have been able to do this as a child.  Children of the Digital Age have so much knowledge available to them!



2 Responses to “Children of the Digital Age”

  1. jacqui549 Says:

    My much older daughter (19) was recently bemoaning the demise of the CD/album. She’s a big music fan and a bit of a retro girl at heart. I tried to explain to her how lucky she is to be able to access the music of the (obscure) bands she likes via Spotify and YouTube. When I was a teenager here in Australia it was so hard to get information about anything that wasn’t on mainstream TV or media. Our children of the digital age have so much information and so many opportunities for learning available to them.

    • Jacqui, thank you so much for sharing your experience with your daughter. I am a music lover myself, and I often wonder how different my life may have turned out if I had access to as much music as my children do.

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