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On Your Way to the Digital Classroom June 6, 2013

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It’s been a while since I’ve written an original blog, and I attended two “technology in the classroom” trainings yesterday, so I finally have something to write about.  Some of these Web 2.0 tools I have been using for a while, but I’m still attempting to invent new ways to use them.  Others I’ve heard of but haven’t made the time to explore.  Here’s what we experimented with:


A variation on PowerPoint which steps outside the “slide” mentality, Prezi allows teachers to collect and organize text, pictures, video onto one page.  The viewer “travels” by zooming in and out and rotating to the information.  A really neat feature is that PowerPoints can EASILY be imported and manipulated within the program, so all that time you’ve spent making PowerPoints is not lost!  Older students should be able to work independently on a Prezi, but younger students with a lack of computer experience may need to work with partners or in groups.  There are so many great Prezis out there, and here’s a few that show off Prezi’s versatility:


An online virtual poster maker, Glogster is a great way to save money on markers and glitter and allow more experimentation with design.  Adding pictures, video, sound, and animations to the Glogs makes the posters more dynamic than traditional paper posters.  Students of all ages and computer abilities should be able to use this program with minor assistance, but patience is required when working with a lot of media.  The link above takes you to Glogster EDU which controls content unsafe for students.  Here are a few really cool Glogs:

QR Codes

Have you seen those funny little digital squares on your groceries?  They are QR codes, and using a QR reader on a digital device connects the user to further information, which offers a variety of application in the digital classroom.  The link above takes you to a QR Code generator.  The codes can be imbedded in printable documents such as homework assignments and letters to parents which can then be scanned by the students or parents at home to link them to websites, videos, email addresses, documents, PowerPoints, etc.  Using QR codes in classroom activities involves more thought but greater possibilities; for example, post QR codes around your room linking students to questions you would normally have on a worksheet to give them an engaging way to complete the same objectives or activities.  How about displaying vocabulary words around the classroom with QR codes linking students to definitions and pictures as a new way to explore vocabulary.  Here are a few QR codes to some of my favorite links:

qrcode.13964401          qrcode.13964462           qrcode.13965164


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