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Initial Project Proposal: The Case for Digital Portfolios September 22, 2013

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When I began my teaching career eight years ago, I quickly realized I would be learning as much, if not more, than my students.  The challenge of teaching information to others is less about the concepts and more about how to collect and organize the information to make it understandable to others.  Yet, the concepts are still learned and with a much deeper understanding.  As the years have passed, I have collected resources and created lessons and activities in digital form, and my own portfolio has become a very personal and valuable learning tool for me.  Digital portfolios can likewise be a valuable learning tool for students, and with the availability of technology and the ease with which information can be researched, the case for digital portfolios is clear.  Therefore, I would like to research the use of digital portfolios in the elementary classroom.  I would like to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using digital portfolios for instructional purposes, what technologies of instruction are available which can assist with the creation of digital portfolios, ways in which teachers can implement the creation of digital portfolios in the classroom, and the long-term educational implications of creating digital portfolios such as incorporating them into a resume.  I would like to use a form of instructional technology which could be utilized in the creation of digital portfolios such as Prezi or a website to present my findings.


2 Responses to “Initial Project Proposal: The Case for Digital Portfolios”

  1. Kristin Says:

    What specific kinds of things would be in a classroom digital portfolio? I’d enjoy visual examples in order to understand your concept. I am intrigued by your idea.

    • Thank you so much, Kristin! Even though the next phase of the project, the outline or storyboard, is not due for a few weeks, I have already begun thinking about what should be included. You are absolutely correct – incorporating some visual examples must be part of the project. Please check out my Glogster post – this was a project one of my students completed last year and is a perfect example of what should be included in a digital portfolio. I have also found this website which is also a great example of products to include and I like that it is organized by grade:

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