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Is One Form of Media Enough? June 18, 2014

Filed under: 5110 — S. Michele Holmes @ 4:29 pm
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Wow! I have finished my “graphics only” instructions for my Multimedia in Technology Applications class, and I am mentally exhausted! I understand why it may be necessary to use only pictures when trying to explain how to do something such as to compensate for language barriers or varied education levels, but I have found this to be so limiting and completely against my educational philosophies. The 18-25 students in a typical K-12 classroom will have different learning-style preferences and varied prior knowledge and experience, so teaching them all in exactly the same manner using one form of media will not be effective. They need to hear it, see it, touch it, read about it, see a video about it, sing a song about it, draw a picture of it, discuss it with their classmates, write about it, etc. Ideally, I would offer a variety of activities in several media forms to allow the students to pick and choose how they want to learn. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible to do, but I continue to collect graphics and video to get closer to my goal. Which actually leads us to concerns about technology and media replacing teachers – will this happen in the future? While I do not believe this will ever happen, certainly the role of a teacher will change. Teachers will become the media experts, the collectors, sorting through what is available or finding that nothing meets their needs requiring them to make their own videos and websites only to share with other teachers.


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