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Audio is Simply Not Enough June 29, 2014

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I must admit, I found designing the audio-only circuit building instructions for my Multimedia in Technology Applications class quite easy.  Yes, it helped to have to written instructions already in place, and my well-honed telephone operator voice from years of hotel front desk jobs did not hurt at all.  Similar to my feelings about combining text and graphics, I felt the focus this week was more about working with equipment and programs to create the audio instructions and less about perfecting my accent and pronunciation.  Considering that a great deal of my education relied on listening to lectures and the long history of inventions ever striving to record the human voice, I have come to embrace audio as a necessary element to learning . . . but not all by itself.  I found it somewhat ironic that even though the focus this week was on audio, we still had to provide a written script.  Yes, creating the audio files taught us the technological aspect of it, and the files will be used again later in the semester, but nonetheless an interesting observation.  I have also been reflecting upon the years of lecture-based education I received.  Oral language was the first means of instruction; for thousands of years, hearing about a topic was the only way to learn it.  But even sitting in all those lectures, I jotted down the important points in text form, carefully replicated any diagrams or organizers drawn on the boards, or otherwise increased my chances of remembering what I heard by creating a visual representation.  But then again, my primary learning style is visual . . . so even when the lesson is not visual, I will make it that way.  Would I expect the same from my 5th graders?  Sadly, no.  At least not without me guiding them.  I do like the idea of having an audio file that anyone who accesses my lesson can replay over and over again as many times as they need.  I would not do this in one of my lectures.  I cannot just repeat the same paragraph over and over again until everybody gets it.  But a student accessing the lesson online can listen to the audio as many times as they need to.  But considering the ESL students I have worked with, I would still want them to see the text.


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