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Putting It All Together July 10, 2014

Filed under: 5110 — S. Michele Holmes @ 5:39 pm

Being a “big picture” person is difficult in a “just a piece at a time” kind of course.  I am finally starting to see the whole rather than just trying to fit the parts together to make a whole.  I am really excited about the next evolution of my Multimedia in Technology Applications course, especially the interactivity that is possible in the program we are using to create the instructions.  Throughout my teacher preparation program as well as my training in childcare, I have been led to believe that the more learning modalities the students access at the time of learning, the better.  So it just makes sense to utilize text, graphics, and audio for all lessons if they can all be used.  But the research coming out about multitasking and efforts to minimize it in dangerous situations, such as texting while driving, contradict my views.  I am now beginning to question if just throwing everything together is the right idea . . . will it be too overwhelming?  Are my students “big picture” people like myself, or will they do better with the separate pieces, fitting them together like a puzzle until the final result becomes clear?  But then again, now that I think about it, I would not expect my students to complete a reading packet while watching a video and conducting a hands-on lab.  Those would be separate activities within the unit.  So I have to think about it one stimulus at a time.  When we work on the unit reading packet, some students need absolute quiet to comprehend what they are reading.  Some students cannot read independently and rely on me and other students to read the passages aloud for them to understand.  But now we are talking about differentiation and not instructional stimuli.  Regardless, those who can read independently are completely distracted by the read-aloud.  They want to move on at their own pace but cannot because the audio is still keeping them on pace with whomever is reading.  So this is something I must consider when working through my design – how do I minimize the distractions while keeping the message clear as well as incorporate text, graphics, and audio?


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