tech-ucation reformation

Goodbye overheads and chalkboards! Hello virtual "paperless" classrooms!

When I Grow Up, I Want . . . July 11, 2015

Well, it is that time again – another graduate course has begun – but this time it is different because it is the last course for this master’s degree.  The purpose for my latest course, Readings Seminar in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, is to reflect upon my entire graduate program and develop a portfolio of representative works which have been polished and peer-reviewed.  For the first blog post and discussion, my course mates and I have been asked to revisit our application essays for the program and specifically reflect upon our career goals.  Have our plans changed during the course of the program and why or why not?  Have the plans been further defined and/or refined?

As for how I originally planned to use the degree, I envisioned several career possibilities.  The first was as an instructional technologist for a school district.  This plan really has not changed but has expanded to include university-level position and possibly even the private sector.  Because this is my main career focus, I have applied for multiple positions in this field, although some may be called by another name.  For example, I have applied for a position with a university to be a media specialist and am about to apply for another as a BYOD program transition specialist.  I had also considered conducting educational research involving technology and the effectiveness of its use in the classroom.  This is still a serious consideration, although it will likely involve continuing my education into another degree.  Working for a company that designs educational hardware and software including product development, training, and support also sounded hugely appealing at the time of my application.  While this is still an area I would consider pursuing, it is the one I will look into more once the other options have been flushed out.

Something I did not expect as a career choice was website development, but earning this degree has opened up a whole new level of opportunity.  I remember thinking at the beginning of the program how one aspect I enjoy about teaching is taking educational materials and reworking them to present them to my students in an effort to make the learning process more efficient and effective.  Website development is simply a new and exciting means to do just that.  I appreciate the flexibility and versatility that website development offers to this process.  Striving to take already created content and reorganize it was so easy using Dreamweaver and Muse.  So while I am considering other types of positions, website development has now been added to the list as well as my skill set.  Even if it does not become my main function, it does not mean that I will not know how to.


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