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Facebook Settings and Professionals July 20, 2015

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The discussion of using social media outlets to enhance and hinder our professional presence online continues in my Readings Seminar in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems course.  This time my course mates and I are discussing what security settings our Facebook accounts should have to reflect our personal  and professional personae.  We are then challenged to update our settings accordingly.  In preparation for the final pieces to our portfolios, we have been asked to develop a 30 second elevator pitch about ourselves.

A number of settings can be used to limit what others see on your Facebook profile and wall.  Under the “select audience” settings, one can choose for all future posts to be public, for friends only, or for just the user to see.  This can also be done with individual posts.  The user can also select who they can receive friend requests from, including either everyone or friends of friends.  One can also limit who sees your email address and telephone number.  These needs are different depending upon if you have a personal or professional need.  I have actually created two separate Facebook accounts (sorry, Mark), one for my close friends and family and another for my professional and potential business persona.  However, the real issue lies with when work friends become outside of work friends, so knowing how to manipulate these settings is necessary.  An interesting setting is the who can follow you.  It seems that now, not only can you be friends with another account but also have people follow you.  I can see how this would be a necessary setting for very public profiles such as celebrities and political people.

One can also set up pages and groups with a variety of public and private settings.  However, these are also issues with this.  For example, one of my former coworkers created a private Facebook group for his students.  The idea was for them to have a place to keep up with important dates and times, post pictures and videos for members only, and discuss class content.  At the time other options such as Edmodo and Remind101 were not available.  He was told he could not conduct such a group even if it had no ties to his personal account because of the settings.

Elevator Pitch:
I am a designer of educational experiences with over 10 years teaching experience in public schools. Over the years I have come to view technology as a means to differentiate and individualize instruction and assist all learners in reaching their full potential. I desire to consult with educators, administrators, and stakeholders on how to incorporate more technology in the classroom and in professional development to meet their students’ needs.


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