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My Personal Interview Strategies August 7, 2015

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Because Readings Seminar in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems is the last course for this program, some of my course mates and I are working to find new positions and possibly even careers.  Interviewing is necessary for landing new positions, so we are discussing the do’s and don’ts of interviewing.

The Do’s
First, prior to any interview, one should fully understand the position for which they are interviewing by reading any job descriptions and comparing one’s own qualifications to the requirements.  The potential employee should also research the company including the culture and climate as well as any competitors.  Preparing for possible interview questions, developing a set of questions to ask in return, and collecting samples of work or letters of reference should also be done in advance.  On the day of the interview, one should dress for success, bring along any items to share with the potential employer, and arrive at the location well before the scheduled time.  After the interview, the candidate should send a short thank you to the interviewers showing appreciation for the interview, highlighting something from the interview that made them stand out, and adding something that may not have been covered in the interview.

The Don’ts
However, some things should just not be done during an interview.  The obvious one has already been mentioned in the do’s, so let us think about it another way.  Don’t wear clothing inappropriate for the position to the interview.  I have always heard to dress a step above the position as a general guideline.  Don’t say negative things about prior employers or positions.  Find a positive way to say why the separation was or is necessary, such as moving on to the next stage of a career.  Don’t stumble over your words or repeat the same anecdotes again and again.  Understanding what kinds of questions will be asked and having multiple answers prepared depending upon which version is asked will help.



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